Since 2007

Barış Gençsoy (The Bear)

I was born in 1976 in İstanbul. I started my career in 2007 at Golden Arrow Studio as a salesman. During this experience, I started to get interested in tattoos and tattoo making. After taking drawing lessons for a while from my elder sister, who is an artist, I started to make my own designs. Then I started to work as a tattoo artist. Since I started my profession, I went to Antalya to work every summer season. Working in Antalya has given me very useful experiences. During 2013 and 2014, I worked at Ink House Tattoo Studio in Cyprus.

My favorite styles in tattooing are ornaments, black and gray and line works. Besides, I especially enjoy doing large floral designs. However, at the request of my customers, I can adapt to any style.

Since the beginning of my career, at the studios that I worked for, depending on the various requests of the clients, I have experienced to work in different type of styles such as: Letters, Cover-up tattoos, Maori, Tribal, Old-school, Mandalas, Water Coloring technique. I have done quite various tattoos including roses, butterflies, stars and many more. I got really motivated as my clients got happy of the work I did. I have drawing and design skills and I can do any kind of sketches on the client’s requests. Since 2018, I have been living in Leipzig and working as a freelance tattoo artist.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.